Handmade with love 💕  using 8mm matte pink zebra jasper beads, 8mm lava stone beads, copper spacer beads and strong elastic cord. Each stretch bracelet is handmade to order to your wrist size so it fits you perfectly.

Pink Zebra Jasper and Lava Stone ~ stretch bracelet with copper beads

  • Wrap a flexible tape measure around your wrist, flush to skin.The measurement indicated is the final finished length you should order.

    If you do not have a tape measure, you can use a strip of paper and flat ruler to measure your size. ​Cut out a strip of paper, use the strip of paper to measure around your wrist and mark with a pen the exact location the paper begins to overlap. Then lay the paper out flat and use your ruler to measure against the paper from the pen mark (where the paper overlapped around your wrist) to the bottom- this should give you your flush to skin wrist size.

  • Bead size : 8mm

    Gemstones may differ slightly from the one pictured due to them being made by mother nature herself. I will always ensure only the best quality stones are used and will always try to match the image above as best I can.